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The easy to use design subscription service

What exactly is it?

vividdesign is a design subscription service.
Flat monthly fee, unlimited design project requests

how do we work?

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Plan the work
Add as many requests as you like to the backlog. Prioritise them and we’ll work on them and deliver them one at a time with unlimited revisions
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Trello board access
Priorities can change. When this happens, manage what you want worked on whenever you want, through your own Trello board
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No meetings
No need for time consuming meetings. All our work is done asynchronously, allowing you to focus on you, and us to focus on delivering as quick as possible
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Multiple Project types
Most other design subscriptions are purely graphic design. We provide wireframes, prototypes, web/mobile app designs and branding. We can work through your desired projects together
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All yours
When we’re done, you'll have all the designs in multiple mediums, including a dev handoff (if applicable), allowing you to own it
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Fixed monthly cost
1 cost per month.
Cancel any time.
Re-up any time, up to you

previous work

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Web & mobile app design

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Branding & web design

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Branding, web & mobile

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PREMIUM - monthly
AUD $3,999
Get started
What we can do:
  • Web landing page design
  • Mobile designs and branding
  • Social media, pitch decks and collateral
  • Iconography
  • Style guides and typography usage guidelines
  • Wireframes and prototyping
  • Unlimited requests - delivered one after the other
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Dev handoff notes (If applicable)
  • Cancel or pause at any time
  • Multiple file formats, all yours
BASIC - Monthly
AUD $1,499
Get started
What we can do:
  • Web landing page design focussed
  • Branding
  • Unlimited requests - delivered one after the other
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Dev handoff notes (If applicable)
  • Cancel or pause at any time
  • Multiple file formats, all yours
** Turnaround times may vary depending on the complexity of the project. Work will be broken down into sprints and delivered continuously


How is it unlimited?

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Create as many design requests as you like and add them to the backlog on your personal Trello board. We’ll prioritise the requests and work on them one at a time, then review them and deliver them to you.

Why should I use a design subscription service?

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Other alternatives to vivid design would be:

- Hire an in house designer
This can be very expensive (100k+ for a good one) and may take a long time to find the right fit. This can be a very time intensive and costly option.

- Outsource each project individually
This can be very tedious and time consuming to find the right person and with each project, the quality and style of work may differ.

With Vivid you get the best of both worlds. Queue up all of your design work we’ll churn through them, leaving you to focus on your business.

How do I request work?

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We use Trello to manage all pieces of work. When you sign up, you'll be given a Trello board tailored to you and you can add cards to the backlog, describing the info needed to complete the work. It's super easy and quick to get going. We don't have meetings, all the communication is done async through Trello, simple!

How quickly will I receive my designs

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Depending on the type of project that you’re after and the complexity of the work, the time it takes to receive your designs may vary. Usually it will only be 2-3 days. For larger projects, we’ll break down the requests into smaller sprints of work and deliver them iteratively and continuously. We can work through this on a project by project basis.

Who are we?

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Vivid design is actually only 1 person- me. You'll work directly with me and together we'll create some awesome stuff!

What types of work can I request?

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The type of work will vary based on the plan that you choose to go for. Types of work will vary from basic web design and landing pages to mobile app design, all the way through to wireframing and prototyping.
*An important note here is that those bigger pieces of design work are more time consuming and take longer to deliver.
Vivid designs is just for design, not development. You'll be provided with designs and handoff notes for devs, but you'll need to find a web developer to code your project

What details do I need to include?

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This will be spelled out in your Trello board, but essentially- as much detail as possible is always better. This will mitigate the need to have multiple iterations of work and speed up the time to deliver substantially!

Still got questions?

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